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"Feel great again NOW!"

What is Bahlaqeem?

Bahlaqeem is a system of vocal and thought commands designed to change the physical structure of human and animal bodies.  Vibration is the actual force of creation behind everything.  Everything vibrates.  Words and thoughts produce vibrations which affect everything in creation.  In the human body all parts work together in perfect balance, in health and without pain.  Pain is one of the body’s ways of telling you that your body's functioning is no longer perfect.  Along with intent to help, Bahlaqeem uses the force of vibrational commands to make changes to help the body function more efficiently.  When the body is functioning perfectly there will be no pain.  There is complete health.



"When I first saw Jim work in 2002, it was jolting for me because it is so ground breaking and so outside of my ordinary experience that I didn't know WHAT to think. It was SO evolutionary and so extraordinary that it was almost beyond belief.”   Deborah Lindsey

feel better


unlimited healing

quality of life

feel the change

incredible results

remote chiropractic adjustment (different words used with similar meaning)

dynamic healing

live with less pain

live with no pain

vibration, the force of creation

help yourself to be better

help yourself to feel better

chiropractic like changes done remotely

chiropractic like adjustments done remotely

think yourself better


think yourself healthy

Serving You
Serving Humanity


My passion is helping people heal.  When people are in pain, it brings them down.  Relieving pain allows people to move into the ethereal world.  My life purpose is to empower others to have a better life through distance healing.

What to expect during a session...

Your job is to relax while I work to complete a remote body scan.  Answer your phone when I call to check your status.  Slowly stand, balanced on both feet, and notice your physical experience.  Be prepared to give feedback on the level of your pain following the reorganization.  

P.O. Box 147

Athens, OH 45701

Tel:  740-591-9857

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