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“Jim achieves truly amazing results through his vibrational healing technics. I was introduced to Jim by a friend of a friend in 2010 after having major surgery on my leg and knee, including a bone graft, Microfracturing, meniscus repair and steel hardware installation. Several months of physical therapy, massage therapy and Reiki treatments had produced good results, as I was able to rebuild strength and walk again; however, my leg still felt weak, sore and misaligned until Jim was able to help me make progressive improvements with it. I'm happy to say that I now walk 10,000+ steps everyday!

Time and again over the past 6 years, Jim has been able to alleviate pain and assist me with solving other more ordinary problems that crop up occasionally in the course of work and play. My life has been tremendously improved by knowing and being able to work with this wonderful healer.”-TD

"If I notice a headache or an "outness" in the neck or painful knee or elbow, etc., I e-mail him the symptoms and request a treatment. Later in the day I might be sitting at my desk typing or walking across the parking lot and I'll feel my breath change and my neck lengthen. The tension pattern that was protecting the neck begins to melt away. If sitting I feel my weight sink into the chair, as if it's OK to let gravity support me instead of trying to hold myself up with muscle tension." BH 

“I first read an article about Dr Burda on April 7, 2006. It wasn’t the most flattering article so why would I contact him? Well, first of all I have been working with Alternative Healers of every sort for decades & even taken classes on several of them. But I was still in pain, having to get Epidurals & nothing was working. I had been working with a Remote Quantum Touch Healer who spent a great deal of time working on me , even Chiropractors who were using “only” EPFX/SCIO, a bio-feedback device based on Quantum Physics, yet still no success. After the first remote treatment from Dr Burda (I’m in North Carolina) I began walking better than I had in 3 years! People who saw me were shocked! As was I. I was able to do those simple little things that I hadn’t been able to do for ages, such as stand at the counter to make a sandwich, shampoo my own hair & even did some of my own laundry. Those little things that we all take for granted until we can no longer do them. I thank God DAILY for Dr Burda because honestly I was at the point where I no longer wanted to live. You can scoff all you want & I must laugh because I know this man is the “Real Deal”. I pray that those who are suffering as I was to seek his help. As for those who want to put him down and make jokes, well those people have always been around now haven’t they? And they always will be. I don’t say this to be mean but they just don’t know. They are afraid and they have closed their minds and we all know that once you close your mind you cease to learn, expand or grow. And worse, you will surely miss the blessings and Miracles of God that are all around you. I pity those and pray their disease of ignorance doesn’t spread.” -CM

"My first time working with Jim Burda I got to experience what I consider a miracle around healing. I am still in awe every time I experience a profoundly effective chiropractic adjustment from 3000 miles away. I had a belief that this type of thing was possible, but had never truly experienced it. I continue to be in awe of this every time I work with Jim, even after 2 years.”-SW

"I have personally met James Burda. I also gave him the chance to do something that medical doctors and chiropractors had not been able to do in 5 years. Give me one day without back pain. Of course I was very skeptical. But I thought what do I have to loose it was free! Which I can say is more than I get from any other doctor who takes money and doesn't help. Basically what James Burda does is close to Reki Healing.  I had a month of painless days."    Anonymous

"You "adjusted" my neck , shoulders, and lower back (spondylolisthesis of L5-S1) this afternoon and I just want you to know that I'm feeling much better ... My tension and spasm of my neck, shoulder and the entire trapesius muscles have been with me for at least 15 years and after your "healing treatment", I'm amazed !!! Thank you so much !!! I will be calling you for additional healing sessions ..."-NL 

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"Last October I moved from a large house to a small one. Needless to say, it was exhausting and my arm started hurting again along with my knee. I had planned to call Jim for an appointment, but then I met him in Wal-Mart. I told him about the pain and he suggested that he work on me right there. He and I walked around the store in different directions. I began to notice the pain going away. When I met with him in the canned goods section, I felt much better and pain free. It makes me more than a believer... I actually know that he has a gift!" KL 

"Following her surgery, my 13 yoa poodle was exhausted.  Jim's loving support definitely eased her pain and sped her recovery!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  He never asked about getting paid and was surprised when he received my check." AH

"I just wanted to let you know that my depression is really getting better. I have actually felt better since you said you did a treatment last weekend. I truly appreciate the time you have taken to help my healing continue take place and my body to strengthen."-SP


"Right at the moment things feel markedly better than this morning, so thank you."SH 

"My back is feeling remarkably better, thanks for you assistance. " CF 

"I have just finished meditating for 45 minutes. when I tried to rise from the bed, I felt much better and figured you must have given me a treatment." GW

"i just thought i'd get back with you and let you know i am feeling relief in my chest.thank you."


"My parents are reporting feeling well and better. Thank you 

for helping them." EW 

"I am very pleased with my knee already..."-WW

" Thank you! My ribs really do feel much better, although they still hurt a bit." BW 

"Not sure what you did but I was feeling and am now feeling a lot better."-RH 

"My neck has been feeling great, but would you do a little adjustment to the left side?"-BW 

"By the way, my right hip, shoulder and lower back are much better.

                                                                                                                  Thanks for all you do!"-BG 


"I just got back to town - I was in xxxxxxx on business - and, couldn't wait

to get on my computer to tell you that, last night, for the first time in weeks,

I could actually walk without a limp. The knee has been doing so much better, today,

I cannot tell you! What did you do??" BW 

"My back is definitely feeling better."-MS 

"Jim, I had a good night's sleep. My shoulder did not hurt and my hand did not go to sleep. I've fed the elk and horses and have been outside most of the morning...still no pain! I am very thankful to be out of that pain." VH 

"dear jim the work you did on femurs worked xxx tell me her legs are much better thank you" GS 

"Since then I have also been treated for what I thought was carpal tunnel syndrome, but Jim found the place in my neck that was pinching the nerve. No problem now!"-KML 

"Jim' I feel alot more relaxed. And my shoulders aren't hurting. My tingling is gone in my arm and I feel good. thanks Jim: To be honest I haven't felt better." RS 

"Thank you so much for the relief you gave me the last time we talked, especially in my wrist and thumb" -PM 

"It felt like you did some work on my neck. It had a shot of pain that slowly ebbed away and it cracked. All the back & hip pain are gone now!" SW 

"Well, that's amazing! I have more neck range and the loud crunchiness is gone. Now when I turn my head to the left and right I feel a "something" in my lower back but it's not tight." -BW

"I am happy to report that the treatment you gave me on Saturday seems to be bringing me a lot of relief in my leg. The past couple of nights, it has been so much better. It surprises me every time I lay down....I just expect that weird pinching feeling, and it's not there! Thank you very much!"-SL 

"Thank you again for your treatment the other night. I am sorry it did not completely heal me but it might take one or two more treatments. As for progress, I am now able to walk (with a cane0 without using ibuprofin. I am proud of this and thank you."-LN 

"I was the first to receive a treatment. The next day I notice that the sharp pains in my legs and hips have gone except for some pain in my right hip and pain in my right arch."-TN 

"I slept through the night last night, which is rare. Usually my right hip hurts so much that I have to get up and walk around to relieve pain."-HN 

"It is about an hour since we spoke - my back DEFINITELY feels better - less pain, just soreness."- CM 

"Thank you so much for the session earlier. I continue to experience waves of relaxation in my lower back."-RJ 

"The pain in the right foot is nearly gone but the left still hurts."-BQ 

"The shoulder feels like a million bucks again, what is going on with in the joint? I have tried everything, but your treatment is the only thing that seems to help long term."-BG

"Thank you so much for the relief you gave me the last time we talked, especially in my wrist and thumb."-PM 

"My teeth feel really great, and by the "snapping" on the phone you might have been able to tell that the occlusion is perfect as evidenced by the perfect resonating (vibrating!) click of tooth upon tooth. Thanks."-WW 

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