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During Treatment

What you sense may be different from other people. You may feel bones actually moving, tingling feelings throughout your body, increased soreness, decreased soreness, pain, aches and discomforts in other parts of your body not originally noticed. Different parts of your body may be compensating for the changes that are being made.

You may also not feel anything happening during the reorganization, but may feel the results. Most of the time, changes are instantaneous and can often be felt.

After the reorganization session you may become sore throughout your body, which may last for a few hours to a day or two. Real soreness is most often the sign of healing and may exist after the reorganization is performed. After reorganization also, your discomfort may not be reduced as much as you would like and that is because there may be soft tissue injury which may take time to heal.


The other important sense you may have, to decide whether or not the reorganization works, is your increased ability to move the area, of concern, with less restriction, more range of motion and with more feeling of balance or security. 

After reorganization walking is very important. When you stand, please stand on both feet with equal weight distributed down both legs. If possible, never stand on only one leg. Please do your best not to cross your legs while sitting. These actions are important to do after reorganization is made.

feel better


unlimited healing

quality of life

feel the change

incredible results

remote chiropractic adjustment (different words used with similar meaning)

dynamic healing

live with less pain

live with no pain

vibration, the force of creation

help yourself to be better

help yourself to feel better

chiropractic like changes done remotely

chiropractic like adjustments done remotely

think yourself better


think yourself healthy

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