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About Jim

My Story

      I began my healing work over 40 years ago when my coworkers shared that they were experiencing chronic back pain.  I wanted to help them feel better.  I knew about radionics broadcasting and was able to relieve their pain using that technique.  I entered chiropractic school in 1987 and had a conventional reasonably successful chiropractic practice.  I found my healing work with people very meaningful. I was able to help people live better lives using my chiropractic skills for 17 years.

      Around 1999 I found I could do similar chiropractic adjustments using a vibrational force I could create using the power of words. I found that these vibrational reorganizations were more effective for my patients. Regular chiropractic adjustments were comparatively very limited. The ability of the vibrational command to make changes is unlimited.

    Seven or so years later, the chiropractic board of Ohio decided that the methods I was using were beyond what they considered chiropractic medicine. Like most circumstances throughout history when someone is able to do new things that defy conventional understanding, society declares them to be of the devil, a witch, or insane. My Chiropractic license was revoked. Though this was a very difficult time, I maintained my passion to help people live better lives.

    I have gone on to help people all over the world using Bahlaqeem.  Relieving pain allows people to be more into the ethereal world.  My life purpose is to empower others to have a better life through distance healing.  

Guaranteed Relief

My goal is that you will be satisfied with our results. My guarantee is that you will receive relief from pain even, if it is only in a small amount. More complete relief may take more than one session. It all depends on how your body reacts to the reorganization. 

feel better


unlimited healing

quality of life

feel the change

incredible results

remote chiropractic adjustment (different words used with similar meaning)

dynamic healing

live with less pain

live with no pain

vibration, the force of creation

help yourself to be better

help yourself to feel better

chiropractic like changes done remotely

chiropractic like adjustments done remotely

think yourself better


think yourself healthy

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