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About Payment

I believe in providing my services regardless of ability to pay.  I've done it for years.   I have Jesus as a guide and I don't believe he would stop serving because someone could not pay.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to be well and to live their best life.

Until the creation of this website in 2017, I never initiated discussion of fees with people.  When they asked, I would suggest they send me a check and told them where to find my p.o. box address on my site.

My fees are a suggestion.  If I was always to request and force people to pay, I would not be happy in my work. If you don't have a lot of money and can't pay there's no fault there.  Health and wellness are your birthright.  If you have money and don't pay, then that's on you.

Please send check to    James Burda

                                         P.O. Box 147

                                         Athens, Ohio 45701


                                                 or use


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feel better


unlimited healing

quality of life

feel the change

incredible results

remote chiropractic adjustment (different words used with similar meaning)

dynamic healing

live with less pain

live with no pain

vibration, the force of creation

help yourself to be better

help yourself to feel better

chiropractic like changes done remotely

chiropractic like adjustments done remotely

think yourself better


think yourself healthy

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